Welcome to my kitchen!

Hello & Welcome to my very first blog post! My name is Natalie. I am very excited to share with you some of my best baking tips and tricks focusing on fun and easy Disney desserts you can recreate at home! One question I get asked a lot by friends, family, and aspiring cake artists is how I started. This question is easy to answer. I love baking, my family said it tastes so good, and i could use my creativity in the kitchen! I LOVE cooking! Now this all started out as a hobby but my family motivated me to start my own business. I made a few desserts for a friends party and boom the next month I had orders! I wanted to bake cupcakes only but then I got asked to make a cake. You see how smooth my buttercream looks now?? It did not look like that 8 years ago!!!! Back then it took me 3 hours. YES! THREE! My roommate Grace can vouch for that and it was still imperfect! But people loved the way it tasted and I had amazing supportive friends, family and husband! My cousin Dez and aunt Sally are such good bakers too so I guess you can say it runs in the family. They gave me such helpful tips and shared the basics of cake decorating to get me going in the right direction! I didn’t go to culinary school or any fancy classes. I took one cake decorating class that I wasn’t even that good at but was determined to make it work. Best advice I can give is practice, practice, practice! Whether you want to be a cake artist or want to bake an awesome cake for you child’s party you can totally do it! And even if its not like the Pinterest pic its ok! You did it with love and that’s the best part! Now that I have been baking for over 8 years I wanted to venture out and try something new. I love teaching ( I was a teacher at a private christian school for 6 years. I taught Art & 1st grade!) and I LOVE Disney so I’m starting this blog hoping to teach some cake decorating lessons of my own! Disney inspired cupcakes you can do with your kids, friends, or for a party! I prayed and this vision was given to me and I want to see what this will lead to! I hope you stay tuned for what I planned! Subrscibe to my blog Spoonful of Sugar baker! Thank you for reading!!

Author: Spoonful of Sugar Baker

I am a wife, mother, and baker! I love all things Disney! I create cakes and cupcakes inspired by Disney characters. I want to share with you my creations and give step by step tutorials to recreate these treats in your home! Stay tuned for some awesome Disney treats!

12 thoughts on “Welcome to my kitchen!”

  1. Omg! I’m so happy for you!!! You’re an amazing and inspiring person overall!!! You have so much potential and I know your blog will inspire many! I always, always brag to people about your buttercream 😍😍😍 you’re being very modest because your treats are amazing! Love you!!!

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  2. You are an amazing baker and cake decorator, all of your cake and cupcake looks so beautiful and taste delicious. Your cakes and cupcakes are always so moist . I am going to have to take lessons from you. I love you. So proud of you blog. ❤️😘🎂🧁


  3. Super proud of you Natalie! You’re so talented and creative! I love all your cakes and everything you make is super delicious. Can’t wait to learn from the best! Love you, Aunt Sylvia


  4. Not only are your cakes beautifully and perfectly presented but they are absolutely Delicious and super moist! Your cakes and cupcakes are always the highlight of every party! Cupcake Fetish or spoonful of sugar you will always be my top choice!!!

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