Easy Teacher Appreciation DIY

Teachers appreciation week begins today! It’s so important to teach our children to show appreciation and gratitude to those around them! These apples are the “fairest of them all” and so easy and fun to make! Let’s put a smile on someones face!! This is a great project for your child to join in!! Today my daughter London will be helping me prepare these treats! We created a short video tutorial to show you how easy these are to make!



Red chocolate melts

Green chocolate melts

Parchment paper

Bag or small zip lock bag


Personalized note

Begin by placing your red chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. You want to microwave in 30 second increments till chocolate is completely melted. Mixing in between. If it seems stiff or not melting down add a teaspoon of oil to your melted chocolate. This will help thin it out and keep it from drying out. I prefer coconut oil but vegetable oil works too.

The chocolate will me in a silky smooth consistency.

PRO TIP: add a dollar store table cloth to your table or island for easy clean up. This can get messy. This tip makes it so easy to clean up after. Just roll up the table cloth when you are finished, throw it out, and DONE! 

Now that the red chocolate is melted dip each pretzel one at a time. Your child will love this job. Use your fork to help remove the pretzel from the bowl. Give the pretzel a tap at the edge of your bowl to remove access chocolate. Then place the pretzel on to the parchment paper. Continue until all pretzels are covered in chocolate. Any leftover chocolate can be used to dip strawberries in or drizzle over almonds basically endless possibilities of your choice!

Next step microwave the Green chocolate. You will need less chocolate than the red. We did 1/4 cup of the green melts. Microwave in 30 second increments just like the red chocolate. Watch the video to see how I added my chocolate to the ziplock bag. Once all the green chocolate is added to the ziplock. Cut a tiny opening at the bottom corner of the bag. Squeeze the green chocolate to the top of the pretzel like an apple leaf.

These will dry within 20 mins once they are finished add them to a bag, container or decorative box. Add a personalized note from your child! Thank your teacher for something special they are helping you with. Or just for being awesome! London loved making these! I hope your child will to! Please tag me @spoonfulofsugarbaker on Instagram if you create any fun Teacher appreciation gifts!  A SPECIAL THANK YOU to all the teachers shaping young minds! We appreciate you!!!

Here is a final picture of London’s Fairest of them all pretzels!


We made a few other treats for her teachers to give during the week.

Up next: Mary Poppins inspired Cupcake toppers

Author: Spoonful of Sugar Baker

I am a wife, mother, and baker! I love all things Disney! I create cakes and cupcakes inspired by Disney characters. I want to share with you my creations and give step by step tutorials to recreate these treats in your home! Stay tuned for some awesome Disney treats!

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