Top 7 Tips when taking Young Children to the Movie Theater!

Hello! Welcome to my blog! With a fan fave Toy Story 4 movie coming out June 21st I wanted to share my Top 7 Tips on bringing your little ones to the movies. As a mama of two I know the movies can bring a little worry on will they sit still, cry, talk, or be able to hang through a full movie! My husband is a movie lover so once we felt our Daughter London was ready to go to the movies he was excited to take her to all the animated films and create some fun memories. Her first movie was “Finding Dory” at 18 months and our last movie “Aladdin” London at 4 years old & Antonio at 8 months. One thing to remember when watching and animated feature is that there are kids there! There will be some sorta cry’s and talking so don’t worry too much and make the most outta your movie time. And personally I think it’s cute to hear their reaction to a part in the movie! (Even when it’s not my child)

So here are my Top 7 tips to bringing young children to the movies:

  1. Don’t sit too close!
  • The big screen can be overwhelming for your little one and we all feel as adults too sitting up close is pain in the neck-literally!
  • 2. Choose a seat closest to the wall

In case you do need a potty break, change diaper, or just step out. I prefer having an end seat to avoid all the “excuse me & ducking” walk out! And if your children are potty trained we always do potty time before entering the movie.

3. Be prepared

Being prepared is the one I sometimes forget. Here are somethings to bring with you:

  • Blanket- the theater can get cold inside.
  • Binky or teether to soothe your younger children.
  • Having nursing cover ready or bottle prepared before movie starts. I love using my Milk snob cover! Perfect for nursing and a blanket!!
  • Snacks!

4.Skip the previews

The previews can be long and they might hang for the previews and be over it by the time the movie starts. It’s awesome being able to pick out seats before hand when purchasing tickets. But this one can be hard unless you’re with another adult who can save seats or the movie isn’t going to pack out. So only do so if you feel you’ll be ok with seats during the movie. I wouldn’t do this on opening day. Or even the week that Toy Story is released.

5. No 3D movies

Kids eyes can be sensitive to the movement and most of the time I can’t get my daughter to wear sunglasses on a sunny day let alone a movie. So save 3D movies till they are older.

6. Soundproof headphones for younger or sound sensitive children

Bring sound proof headphones. On Amazon only $15 dollars we used them at sporting events and brought them along on the 1st movie in case we felt it was too loud.


This one does fall under being prepared but deserved a tip of its own. Bring their favorite snacks or purchase at the theater but this is why I gave snacks it’s own number. I’m guilty of finishing snacks before the movie starts. My advice is wait till the movie actually starts to distribute any snacks. Bring ziplocks if you don’t want your child to eat a complete bag of gummy worms and/or give each child get a baggie so they aren’t asking or arguing to pass the snacks during the movie.

Most importantly have fun! Give an incentive for a child who had a tough time at the movies before. Enjoy your movie time and don’t be so hard on yourself and the kiddos if it’s a flop!!!

Any tips that help you during the movies? Comment below!!

Author: Spoonful of Sugar Baker

I am a wife, mother, and baker! I love all things Disney! I create cakes and cupcakes inspired by Disney characters. I want to share with you my creations and give step by step tutorials to recreate these treats in your home! Stay tuned for some awesome Disney treats!

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