Disneyland Balloon is a must on your vacation! My 5 reasons Why…

Disney Balloons are the best little souvenir on your next family vacation!!! Now if your a passholder I get it!!! My daughter used to ask for a balloon every time. Its tradition to get one for her birthday. It makes a Birthday extra magical and perfect for a family vacation! Here are my top 5 reasons to grab a balloon on your next family trip!

  1. Grab a balloon on your next family vacation! I’m a sucker for matching shirts to spot one another but a balloon you can spot a family member from a distance. You won’t regret this when you get distracted by a character and then look ahead and see that mickey balloon your niece just got!!
  2. Stroller spotter. Yess park your stroller to get on a few rides.. now there’s a million strollers lined up.. ok an exaggeration but yours will definitely stand out of the crowd. Also great distraction for a you g child in a stroller to!!
  3. Return policy! Yes!!! you can return a damaged, deflated or popped ballon on your family trip.. and it’s free! Just take it to any cast member with balloons and get a new one. So don’t worry if during your hotel stay it begins to deflate..you can just take it back for a brand new one🙌🏻
  4. Picture opportunity! Disney pictures are magical. You can capture joy, excitement, happiness.. the list goes on. Sharing your family milestones, memories at the Disneyland park is so special. My favorite is to Announce your babies gender with a blue or pink balloon. Get a ballon pic for your birthday, Engagement, anniversary, best friend trip. Getting creative to make an announcement is so much fun!
  5. These balloons last…I think that’s why they have a free return policy because they last way beyond your trip.. weeks even months. What a pleasant reminder of a great trip.

What’s your must have on your Disneyland or disneyworld vacation?

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Author: Spoonful of Sugar Baker

I am a wife, mother, and baker! I love all things Disney! I create cakes and cupcakes inspired by Disney characters. I want to share with you my creations and give step by step tutorials to recreate these treats in your home! Stay tuned for some awesome Disney treats!

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